What Increases a Website Ranking: User Content or Search Engine Content


In this technologically upgraded era, most people have turned towards Digital Marketing for the best possible results. The topic is focused on what increases a website ranking- user content or Search Engine Content? Undoubtedly, this is to say that both user content and search engine content are essential to boost Google Ranking. Content is the central focus here. You need to better the quality and other aspects associated with content to boost Website Ranking.

As a marketer, you need to upgrade your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to Increasing Website Ranking. 

Strategies for Increasing Website Ranking:

  • Original and Relevant Content

Nothing can substitute original and authentic content. Quality content is the best tool to enhance your Google Search Ranking. The main focus of quality content is to increase website traffic to upgrade the authority and relevance of your website.

Identify the best-suited keywords and use those on every page of the website. Do not make the mistake of using different types of keywords on the same page rather;, keep a single page to use similar keywords. The readability and utility of your content will win over the scene. You must use the keywords in the most important sections like title, headings, Metadata and URL.

Besides, you can repeat the keywords based on the relevance. Keep in mind; you target the pages to the users, not to the search engine, so keep up the flair and do not compromise with the writing style.

  • Update the Content

As we have already discussed, content and search engines are the cornerstones of Internet Marketing. You should check your site at a regular interval to make it up-to-date and fresh. You can conduct an audit for your content on a fixed schedule and make updates accordingly.

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  • Focus on Metadata

Each of the website pages contains a space for Metadata which offers vital information about your page. You need to review and update the data as needed.

Metadata consists of three sections – Title Metadata, Description Metadata and Keyword Metadata. Title Metadata is the most important section of the page and maintains the balance with the keywords all over the content. Keyword metadata helps to boost search engine ranking.

  • Website Link or URL

You must include relevant links in the text. Try to put in descriptive links enriched with keywords. Instead of putting ‘click here’, create the link with keywords. A better link helps in SEO and enriches the readers’ experience.

  • Use Alt Tags

You can promote your visual and video media of your content with alt tags. Alt tags allow the search engines to find your page. Alt Tags enhance the visibility of your content as well.

To Conclude,

The blog has discussed the effective methods to boost your website ranking. From the given description, it is quite clear that content is central tool, be it user content or search engine content. If you have further question, you may contact our Adroitte Expert Team.

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