Unveiled, the difference between UX & UI Web Design


The terms UX and UI have created a lot of confusion in the web development industry. Not only they are poles apart, but are interdependent on each other entirely. Both UX and UI are very much important in breathing life into the website designs. In this blog, we will see a detailed explanation on the both UX and UI designs.

A Simplified View on UX & UI Design

Unless for a professional, any amateur can easily get confused with the words UX and UI as they are making a lot of difference in the web designing industry.

UX Design aka user-experience design at the most basic, refers to the experience that one has while dealing with a device.

On the other hand, UI, which stands for user-interface can be compared to the visual elements that one uses to access the features of a device. By the end of this section we can somewhat conclude that UX and UI are two completely different entities.

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Roles and Responsibilities Involved

UX and UI designers, both are equally influential and responsible in making a website approachable in terms of functionality and its appearance. Even though the roles are interdependent on one other, sometimes we get to hear that ‘UX is good, but UI failed’ or the other way around. What does this statement mean to a potential user?

For a beginner the statement is definitely some gibberish from the tech world. The best way to make him understand is,

  • A website which is visually engaging, but is complex to navigate- Good UI, but bad UX
  • A website easy to access, but inappropriate or poor visual design- Good UX, but bad UI

UX Designer –

As a professional web designer, one of the basic responsibilities under UX designing is to ensure that the given product is working with a logical flow. Why is it so important? Well, it is definitely one of the uncomplicated questions that are holding a lot of weight around it.

A complicated web design structure surely throws the experience level of a user in a bad way. The word ‘it’ refers to the logical flow, where it deals with the easability with which a user can navigate and find his way through the website.

A typical UX designer deal with various aspects of website designing that includes creating wireframes, personas, scenarios, storyboards and finally user-testing. In simple words, UX designers are never bothered about the interface as they are concerned only about the flow of information.

UI Designer –

UI designer is someone who deals with graphics or visual elements of a website, in other words, is responsible for the front-end development. How well you are connected with the back-end technology, a UI designer can decide through providing the best user-interface designs.

The main responsibility of a UI designer is to effectively collaborate with the visions of UX designers and make it approachable by the end-users.

Basically, on analyzing the whole scenario, one should know that a poorly developed or badly presented website can never ever attract the potential customers. Even with visually attracting website design, the probability of engaging customers for a longer time is not possible without good UX. The same is true for the other way around.

With final thoughts we can only conclude that for a website to have a progressive growth, it is necessary that both UI and UX are collaborating with efficiency.

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