Top Future Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2017

mobile phone

It’s a mobile world; one can always see the smart devices under the tip of every finger. Sometimes it seems that the whole future is revolving around the mobile technology. Feels like one would never settle for less, like users in this digital era will always be expecting the unexpected.

The Smartphone revolution gave way to numerous opportunities, whether it is the user-experience or user-interface, the mobile application developers are strongly contending to give the best and till now has not failed in raising the bars.

So hold your breath, because 2017 is going to bring you the best of mobile technologies and will not fail to blow you away.

2017’s, The 4 Best Mobile Technologies

  • Electrovibration
    • Certainly, it will be a big breakthrough in terms both technology and advancement. Just think if you can feel the quality and texture of clothes through a Smartphone, wow! How cool it sounds. Yes, a touch screen that will make your online shopping experience less stressful and easy.
    • Electrovibration is the underlying effect of Haptic technology, which will enable you to see beyond the simple ring and vibrate feature.
  • Speech-to-Speech Translation
    • Does it even make sense? That was my question when I first heard about it, but if we look back and see the evolution of mobile technology, I do get the answer.
    • It is the time we see some real-time multi-language conferences taking place, just think how it can change the outlook of doing a business. Another possibility is that in future we may see application developers building natural language processing features into the apps.
    • Software developers around the world are making this possible, and once it comes into picture, the word, language barrier would never surface again.
  • The Brain-Computer Interface
    • It is a fact that no two electrical signals in our brain are similar. Brain-computer interfaces for your Smartphones; just think where the mobile technology is heading for.
    • So, with each unique brain wave signal and by the process of mapping, a new set of commands can be easily carried out. Know that, once you get access to such privileges, your life will be no less than a Sci-fi movie.
  • Wireless Charging
    • A drained battery in hand and no power to recharge, great! Your day will be the most happening one. Plug-and-play, something similar, you don’t even have to plug somewhere to recharge your Smartphone. Power up the mobile battery while in action, and sure there will be no wires to handle or power cuts to bother you.