3 Must Know Facts About How to Design Call to Action Buttons


Designing call to action buttons seems to be a relatively easy task, but it is not if you are unaware of the basic principles of web designing and development. Yes, it is always possible to hire a professional web developer to do the work for you, but before you take the plunge and hire professional web designing help, here are some basic principles for you to learn about to help you understand what exactly

the right way to design call to action buttons and what to look for when you get professional web designing help.

  1. Substitute Regular Text for Innovative Words – Words such as Submit, Enter and Get are boring, they are used by every second website. Use words that appeal to your target audience, one example might be Reserve Now instead of Buy Now. Spend some time learning about innovative words; do not rely on software programs that are automated to give you suggestions, use a dictionary or thesaurus if needed to look for similar words that appeal to both you and your readers. Make sure that the words you use are appropriate and understandable. If in doubt then hire a content writer on a short term project to help you understand which words work and why.
  2. Use Bright Colours but Don’t Hurt the Reader’s Eyes – Colours catch the eyes of readers, this is a fact, when you choose to design call to action buttons, make sure that the buttons you create are not too bright such as fluorescent colours but are appealing enough to catch the attention of your readers. Colours that are too dark might also not impress your website’s users. Hire a web designer if you are in doubt and need assistance to know which colours suit your website’s theme.
  3. Understand that One Call to Action Button Doesn’t Work Always – Call to action buttons that are created for websites, have 1 primary purpose; they are meant to attract the audience to click on a specific page. Make sure that you have adequate number of well sized, coloured and worded call to action buttons on the home page and all landing pages. However, ensure not to clutter the page with CTA buttons. Quantity vs. Quality comes into play here; hire a professional web developer to do the work for you if you are unsure how to use these principles to get excellent results in a timely way.


If you need pay as you go web development services that are reliable and affordable, then you can always choose to hire a professional web developer team to help you design call to action buttons, create the website and even host it for you.

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