Why Having A Website Is Cheaper Than An Offline Store For SMEs

Why Website Is Cheaper Than Offline Store For SMEs

In the last few years the consumer purchasing process has evolved; it has become more complex due to the availability of a range of choices and simpler due to price comparison tools, more brands and offers, and online review sites. Now, a consumer can decide what to buy without even stepping in a physical store.

In today’s digital scenario it’s essential for every company to have a business website. Getting online is not only easier and less expensive, but it brings lots of opportunities within reach especially for SMEs.

How a Website can be More Effective Than a Physical Store for SME

Here are a few advantages for an SME to invest in their business website and website development or in other words have an online store:

1. Cost-Effective: In terms of initial investment & operating expenses having a business website is cheaper than offline stores. Unlike with a physical shop the online store has no rent, rental advance, utilities, staff, store decoration costs and no cost of maintaining inventory levels. The main cost involved in website development, web hosting, and customer care.

2. Effective Marketing: Online advertising is relatively cheaper than offline methods. With help from inexpensive online marketing, social media, and analytic tools, it’s possible to create campaigns that increase customer engagement, test different marketing approaches, and review the customer’s response to your campaign and change it if needed easily. However, you need to invest in good sources of SEO, SMM, blogging, and website development.
With the rise of social media and digital channels, even an offline store has to have a business website otherwise it may not exist in the minds of the consumer.

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3. Wider business reach: Just having a website means you can reach a customer anywhere in the world, which is not possible in an offline store. The main investment here is logistics. Another advantage of having a business website is that you become part of Google Search.

4. More measurable results: The biggest advantage of marketing an online e-commerce website is that you can track the ROI you get from every rupee spent. Whereas in traditional marketing, it’s difficult to track and even more difficult to analyze. A good online marketing resource can manage an ongoing PPC campaign for you and provide insights on how to improve results.

Overall for an SME having a business website is definitely cheaper not only in terms of money but set up time, marketing efforts etc.

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