Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

The term dedicated hosting is used when a client “leases” an entire server from a hosting provider. Unlike shared hosting where a customer “shares” a server with other hosting clients, dedicated hosting enables the client to have only their website or websites hosted on the server. Apart from providing higher performance and more security for your website, dedicated hosting also ensures faster loading of your website.

Choosing to host your websites on your own dedicated server may work out to be a little more expensive than shared web hosting, but the end result is much more advantageous. Here are the benefits of dedicated hosting:

Superior Performance

Since you are not required to share system resources such as the processor, memory and disk space with other sites, you gain increased speed and reliability. Furthermore, dedicated servers do not have to deal with excess stress on the system, thus making it more powerful for a single website or a group of websites.

Better Security

Dedicated hosting provides customers with a greater level of security. Since only your websites are hosted on the server, you need not worry about any other customers finding a way to tamper with your website or data.

Personalized Configuration

Companies that need to install special software or configure the server to their own particular needs find the use of a dedicated server more rewarding. You can select the software and applications that are best suited to the needs of your website.

Customized Firewall

Choosing a dedicated hosting option can enable you run your own custom firewall and implement your own access control policy.

Own IP Address

Most shared hosting sites share a single IP address, where the site traffic is directed by the server examining `host headers’. On the contrary, when you select a dedicated hosting service you gain your own unique IP address.

Complete Control

As nobody else has access to the server, you can be sure that the server will not be overloaded with an excess number of websites. You also need not have any worries about other websites on the server having bad coding or scripts that would affect the hosting and performance of your website.

Greater Flexibility

Dedicated hosting enables clients to have more control over their servers. They enjoy greater flexibility and have complete access as to what they can install and uninstall, including operating systems and customized software.

Dedicated hosting, which is both reliable and secure, will prove to be an excellent choice for websites that require a large volume of bandwidth and disk space.

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