Is Education App the Future of Online Learning?

Education App

Education apps are ubiquitous; there is an app for everything. Whether your kid wants to learn a new language, prepare for CAT or SAT, improve problem-solving skills, or take tuitions from out-of-reach resources, then there is an app. Thence we can definitely say that online learning has a new definition, through education apps.

Online learning, the term was quite fanciful, for people with personal and professional commitments it was quite a privilege, and even today it is. Through online learning, even earning a degree from an internationally recognized university is possible. The University of Edinburgh, for instance, has numerous programs that support this cause. It’s not just kids, but even grown-ups are getting benefitted through online learning.

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Now with education apps, things are more simplified. Students are able to learn through their mobile phones.

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SmartPhones are the new drugs, 85% of ‘generation Z’ in the United Kingdom now own SmartPhones. Also, Flagship Research conducted a survey among 14 to 18-year-olds that said, ‘87% of them own and use SmartPhones’.

It’s quite alarming when SmartPhones were called distraction and destructive, but now educational apps have made them engaging and useful.

Coming back to online learning, with apps, the future is pointing towards mobile learning.

Education App: Shaping the Future of eLearning Industry

Online learning evolved traditional teaching practices, now, education apps are shaping the eLearning industry. It’s quite a development, don’t you think?

Significance & Benefits of Educational Mobile Apps

Education apps have made learning easily accessible since most of the students have access to mobile phones; they can learn new things on-the-go.

Benefits of education apps are discussed below.

Learning has Attained Portability
Unlike place-bound school learning, educational apps offer portability for learners. As mentioned earlier since most of the students have access to mobile phones, they can learn anywhere, anytime. Since there is no confinement or restriction to be within the class, students learn with good attention and interest.
Support Individually Focused Learning
A class of 100 students or even 50 students, it’s not easy for a teacher to monitor the involvement of each and every learner individually. However, if students are making use of an app, they can learn the concepts without much distraction at their own speed; teachers will feel easy to monitor them individually.
Available 24X7
Unlike conventional online training, where you have to stick to a particular timetable, apps will let students learn anytime. No time-bound restriction, be it leisure hours or any time that is convenient for them, students can improve and educate themselves, anytime, anywhere.
 Easy to Track Progress
Teachers can easily set goals and track the progress of individual students in real-time and help them work smarter towards the set goal.
GoFormative, an education app can be used by educators as an assessment tool. Students using this app can individually respond to questions set by teachers, while teachers can look into the typed response of each student and guide them if there is a necessity.

Apps are one of the hottest educational trends. Educators are able to connect better with students, and learners are becoming more receptive to the new approach. From an education point of view, apps are necessary, they encourage self-learning and promote critical thinking skills without any boundaries.

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