Why is Content marketing Crucial for Small Businesses?

why content marketing crucial for small businesses

Tell me how many people enjoy TV ads when they are watching their favorite program?

I feel most of them would either switch channels or do some other work. So think when businesses with deep pockets are spending a good amount of dollars on paid ads to attract customers only to be stopped by ad blockers. What would happen to their marketing strategy? It’s quite disheartening to think, right?

It’s understood people love ad-free online experience, but, is there no way out of this? I mean how do businessmen promote their business?

Hmmm, of course, there is a way out and here you need not be a big spender.


According to (CMI) content marketing institute,

Content marketing is defined as  a strategic marketing approach that is directed towards creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Leading brands today are making content a part of their marketing strategy. Because they know it helps them gain long-term benefits through organic traffic and lead generation.

In one of his interviews, Doug Busk, group director, Digital Communications and Social Media at Coca-Cola, stated: “Everything starts with quality content”.

He also said that through good content marketing strategy they are looking forward to bridging gap between storytelling and traditional marketing.

Today, if you check their Content 2020 project, you will be clear about their view towards growing their brand through strategic content marketing.

Now, you might wonder how small business can meet their purpose.

The answer is simple.

Content marketing is a cost-efficient strategy. So, it’s quite a good alternative to expensive ad marketing.

How will Content Marketing Benefit Small Businesses?

BENEFIT I: You will be Providing Valuable Information to your Audience….

If you look into successful brands, their websites would be the most informative source for their customers.

No, the content here is not structured for brand marketing; it is much more than that.

People today prefer shopping online. And when they are doing that they also prefer knowing something about the product before they actually buy.

And when you help them in that through valuable content, they feel easier to perform some action. On the positive note, you will see them making their way through the conversion funnel.

Content, it not need be presented only through blogs or articles; you can even create a high-quality video, infographics, memes, and podcasts.

BENEFIT II: You will be Successful in Creating Brand Awareness

‘Creating brand awareness’ is a task that cannot be achieved overnight.


Because there are some (common) questions that naturally comes into picture when customers come across any brand. And obviously, your brand will be no different.

So, in simple terms, we can define brand awareness as creating a degree of familiarity for customers with your product and services.

And you can SUCCESSFULLY do that, only if you manage to create content that highlights the uniqueness of your brand, its qualities, and how customers will benefit from that.

Words are sure fires to keep someone hooked up. But the challenge is to do that.

Create content that is FRESH, VALUABLE, and COMPELLING.

Pro tip: Before writing content and to make content marketing work towards your brand you should first find the answer to these questions.

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where do they spend their time online?
  • How to project the brand?
  • Finally, choosing a proper schedule.

BENEFIT III: Convert Visitors into Customers and grow your Business

When you have finally succeeded creating brand awareness, it’s easier to convert visitors into leads and finally into customers.

Good Content Marketing Strategy = Successful Journey of Customers through Sales Funnel

Is it as easy as it appears?

Yes and no.

Yes, if your content addresses the problems faced by your audience.

Yes, if your content strategy tunes with their requirements.

And NO, if the content fails to do both.

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BENEFIT IV: You will Keep your Website Clean & Fresh

I already told in one of the sections that your content should be fresh and engaging to successfully create brand awareness. It’s not only visitors, but it’s also crucial to keep your website fresh for search engines.

Search engines, why you may ask. Or right now you might be feeling confused about the relationship between your potential customers, search engines, and website content. So, let me help you understand that.

These facts will help you a bit.

  • 44% of US B2B marketers feel positive about the impact of content on SEO.
  • 50% of customers are more likely to click on a search result if it frequently appears on the search result page.
  • 57% of marketers have acquired new customers through blogs.


Now coming to the relationship, it is quite simple to deduce, provided you know some things about search engines and how they work.

  • Search engines love the freshness and when you frequently update your website with content, your website will be frequently indexed.
  • With frequent indexing and quality content, your website will secure a top spot on the search engine result page.
  • Your brand will now receive undivided attention. Once the visitors are familiar with your brand, there will be conversions.

By keeping your website fresh and clean, you will grow your brand and business.

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