Increasing the Website Traffic through Content Marketing


The power of content marketing lies in these words, ‘Content is the king’. Typical it may seem, but do it right and you will grow not just the website traffic, but will be endowed with good conversions and sales.

The secret to lead generation is organic traffic. And from leads, there will be conversions. But what is the secret behind organic web traffic?

The answer, it’s obvious don’t you see?

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About Content Marketing

‘Content marketing involves the creation of accurate and relevant content to the right customers at the right time.’

Signs of a Winning Content Marketing Strategy,

The infographic clearly explains the effect of designing a good content marketing strategy. But how to create that winning strategy?

The purpose of this blog is just to know that.

List of the Best Content Marketing Practices to Catapult your Website Traffic

  1. Blog. Blog

Some people blog for a hobby, but you, blog for your business.

It’s free, it’s fun. Yes, only if you are passionate playing with words.

To inspire you, I have included few magnificent statistics.

  • You will have 434% better chance of ranking if blogs are a key part of your website. (Tech Client)
  • 47% of consumers consumed 3-5 pieces of content before they decide to make a purchase. (Hubspot)
  • Companies producing 16 or more blog posts earned 5X leads than companies that published 4 or less per month. (Hubspot)

I think that’s enough for the day. It’s not basically worth to quote all the statics from every institution.

The concept is as clear as crystal.

You have to blog. Because it brings you organic traffic. From there it is leads and then conversions.

When you blog, viewers just don’t read or share the content piece unless it’s fresh and captivating. So just blog a perfect blog.

A perfect blog can get website traffic in three ways.

  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC– Visitors land on your website, when your blog is relevant and contains the right keyword density.
  • DIRECT TRAFFIC- when a visitor directly enters URL or uses the blog as a medium to directly access your website.
  • REFERRAL TRAFFIC- Did someone like your content piece? They might have used the blog link on their website. This way the link juice will flow to your website.
  1. Downloadable Resources

I know creating such huge volumes of content requires a lot of effort, but it’s definitely worth every ounce of effort that you put.

If you are wondering about downloadable resources, then they come in different forms – webinars, ebooks, video training, white papers, audio recordings, and templates.

Let’s say, you provide online marketing services for businesses. You can write an ebook giving valuable insight or tips on SEO and use that as a high converting CTA content. As in, your reader can download the e-book when they subscribe. This way you will make web viewers a part of your conversion funnel.

  1. Content Curation and Commentary

Sometimes it’s not just money, even time will be deficient for you when you are planning on creating content for marketing purpose.

Let’s say you want to blog. The benefits, I have already mentioned. But you neither have the capital to invest in professionals nor time to create one. In such circumstances, you can go for content curation.


It is an act of discovering, gathering, and sharing content on a particular subject for the target audience. Under this method, you don’t have to generate content.

Content curation is a time-saving marketing process. The simple gather and share process guarantees good traffic and conversions.

Now coming to the commentary, again let’s take an example here. You are into internet marketing industry, so you can start with curating content that relates to your service industry. Say, someone has conducted an event or a webinar; you can comment on that occasion and even discuss other possibilities that could have been included.

  1. Multimedia Content                                                                               

Blogging is good, it’s easy, I mean quite comparable to other forms of content marketing, but you can always move ahead, you know, a bit at least.

You can do that by developing multimedia content.

I don’t have to introduce you to the word multimedia, right?

Multimedia content involves making use of different media types including infographics, videos, and audio recordings.

You will be promised with better web traffic because it’s obvious that people prefer visual content over plain words. More they share, greater will be the traffic and you will enjoy better conversions.

Adopt whatever forms you want but your content should reflect your commitment and seriousness towards providing something valuable for the readers.

If they are able to recognize that it will be very short time before your content starts to actually yield desirable results.