Can You Create Original Images That Can Boost Conversions


In this technologically upgraded era, the term ‘conversion’ is familiar to the people associated with digital marketing. Conversion refers to the process where you as an online brand or company turn your potential or targeted audiences to regular customers of your products and services. There are different ways to boost the conversion and attract more online traffic and leads. Images serve a crucial role in boosting website conversion.  As an ecommerce site, you must know how to increase your sales rate, and this is why you must focus on conversion. Conversion Optimization is an associated practice where an ecommerce site attracts more users to perform desired actions. Here, ‘desired actions’ refers to clicking on a link, filling a form, ‘add to cart’, etc.

Buyers love to see the products that they would purchase. Image is an effective tool to engage the audience to a business site. An image can convey a message more clearly than the contents, sometimes. You must remember the significance of images to improve your conversion and conversion optimization rate.

The question often comes up: Can you create original images to boost your website traffic conversion?

The answer is ‘Yes. You can.

There are several ways through which you can create original pictures. Before starting with this issue, we would like to focus on how you can boost conversions through images.

According to recent researches, customers always want to see something new and afresh. Images add more glamour, effect and personalization to a business site. According to recent researches

  • More online shoppers like to shop from e-commerce sites with personal recommendations.
  • The majority of the buyer provides the digital business sites with their personal information if they benefit from it.
  • Personalized ads and images boost the conversion rate 10 times than ordinary ads do.
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It is up to you how you will convey your message to the customers through images. Choice of right images works a lot, as it influences the clients psychologically. The factors you need to keep in mind about the use of images in your site are

  • Connect to your customers with the use of correct images. Proper images help the potential buyers to imagine the experience with the product. You have the power to offer your audience visual experiences with pictures.
  • Use images that appeal to the customers emotionally. You better use the 360 degrees photos and position them carefully so that the customers will get an idea of the view and features of the product.
  • Usage of bigger images attracts visitors of all ages and increases conversion.
  • Avoid using cheesy daily stock images. Always select relevant and refreshing images to grab the attention of the customers. The image must be relevant to the messages on the landing page.

Now, regarding the last point, the focus is on creating original images to enhance conversion. It is not difficult to produce image if you use the right tools. Many such tools are available online to fulfil the conversion goals.

  1. Studio ( free version available): Studio is a photo app that helps to remix images and work on old templates. The tool uses attractive fonts, designs and layering capabilities. A large number of marketers use their creations in their online marketing sites.
  2. GIFBoom (Free): The tool works on both Android and iOS and creates original GIFs with texts directly from your phone. You can use animated clips of the team, personal recording for social media posts with this tool.
  3. Visage (free version available): Visage-created images look professional and convey the message in a storytelling way with words, graphs and statistics. You can create infographics and motivational quotes through this tool.
  4. Recordit (free version available): The tool allows you to create small videos and turns those into GIFs. This tool eases the process to demonstrate on-screen functions to help the users by fulfilling their demand.
  5. Snapchat (free): As we all know, Snapchat has been tagged as a social media platform used by teenagers, but the tool is not restricted to that option only. The excellent message app lets you click a photo or take a video and add some features to the images and videos and post it to the public. This is a successful formula for advertising.

The blog has provided us with an idea as to how to create original images for boosting website conversion. For further queries concerning the topic, you can consult the expert team.

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