How To Design A Landing Page That Can Increase Conversions

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You’ve invested money into running appealing ads so that your company can gain expected viewership. What’s the next step?

It’s the landing page. A web designer’s primary goal is to design a landing page that boosts conversion rates and turns interested parties and visitors on the fence into involved customers. But data shows that your landing page has exactly 7 seconds to leave a powerful first impression. This calls for a well-defined strategy that speaks to your audience and urges them to take the required action.

Here are a few ways to design a landing page that pumps up conversions and helps turn your potential customers into buyers.

Know The Purpose 

“More conversions” is a broad concept, so you need to first determine a purpose for your landing page.

For some brands, it may simply be a matter of making sales and thus profit. Others will gain subscribers to an email list, which will lead to readers clicking through to the content. Perhaps the plan is to convert a free user into a premium user by utilising the freemium business model that is so popular among startups these days. Whatever your goal is, let it be at the forefront while you design a landing page.

Incorporate Interactive Modes of Promotion 

Just a few lines of promotional text may not do the required job as you compete against the millions of websites looking to pull the same crowd to their business. Consider adding a video message or a client testimonial on your landing page. The former elevates engrossment while the latter communicates reliability.

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Have Clear Calls-To-Action

Just a stunning web design won’t work! In the initial few seconds of landing on your page, it should be clear why the visitor should give you a chance. Most visitors skim the page and leave. That’s the essence of online sales, and we’re all accustomed to the urgency.

Keeping this in mind, your CTA should be clear, concise, and easy to find. Keep a landing page focused with only one CTA. Multiple redirects can leave viewers confused and make your landing page seem haphazard.

Use Optimizing Tools

Since every business is unique, there is no foolproof path to higher conversions. Use analytics tools such as Google Website Optimizers to find your source of referrals and the keywords that are bringing in the most traffic. This way, you can customize your page to cater to your current and desired crowd.


As much as your landing page is about generating engagement that uplifts your business, a messaging approach that is not only technically persuasive but also helps the audience connect with your brand is bound to come out as the true winner.

Take some time to think about what your brand stands for and how it relates to the goal you’ve set for the page. You can find a clear approach to your message by considering both. At any cost, keep your page loading speed as high as possible to minimize inadvertent bounces.

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