9 Easy Steps To Build And Maintain A WordPress Website


WordPress is the most trusted website builder used by millions across the world. However, if you are new to web development, WordPress website development is something you will benefit from. WordPress websites are easy to develop, even for beginners, and entirely customizable to represent your business and industry. In addition, its in-built plug-in and themes can help you cut down the time of building a website from scratch.

Why choose WordPress for website development?

Many people often struggle to choose between WordPress and other website development platforms because they are unaware of the features that WordPress offers. A WordPress website is not only easy to build and maintain but also highly user-friendly. Some reasons that make WordPress one of the popular website design platforms and the best content management system are flexibility, adaptability, user-friendliness, and built-in themes and plug-ins with a long list of WordPress hosting providers to choose from.

9 easy steps to build and maintain a WordPress website

  • Define your site: WordPress has several themes to choose from, which is why it is essential to define your website before working on Word Press. As much information you can collect about your business, like the industry, how you want your website to look like, and whether you want it to have a lightweight or information-heavy look to it.
  • Choose a domain: you should choose your domain name carefully because that is what your audience will know you by. Always pick a domain that is easy to remember, spell out, and that reflects your niche. Most people choose simple domain names because it sticks with the public even without knowing.
  • Choose a hosting service: Website hosting services are crucial if you want to make your website safe, stable, and secure. You can either choose shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS (Virtual Private Hosting). Hosting services also allow you to keep your users’ data safe from any malware attacks.
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  • Sign up for WordPress: Once you have taken care of all the necessary steps to build a high-performance website, it is time to sign up for WordPress. You can sign up for WordPress using your official email and get a WordPress plan that works best for you.
  • Choose your WordPress theme: SInce WordPress has a plethora of themes, you can select one that fits your business the best. With a premium plan, you get access to even more themes than people without a plan. Choosing a theme also makes it to design your website, as you do not have to start from scratch.
  • Design your webpages: Even though WordPress themes make it easier to design your website and webpages, it is still you who will decide how many pages you need and how to give it a personal touch. It will allow your brand identity to be unique and grow tremendously.
  • Create a navigation menu: The next step is to create a navigation menu that will contain organized links to all the internal pages. It will be beneficial to build a strong brand presence when your visitors have a map of your website’s internal pages.
  • Checking backup: Once you have created enough pages and launched your WordPress website, you should also run regular maintenance checks. You should create a backup of your website and make sure to backup all the critical data so that you would not have to worry about losing it. It would be best if you also cleaned up your WordPress database now and then so that your website would not lag.
  • Security checks: Security checks are helpful to keep your website safe and secured. You can run security checks every week or every other week, scanning for malware. If your website is for your business, running security checks will keep vulnerable information like your customers’ payment information safe.

To make the security checks as easy as possible, you can set up a maintenance schedule and follow it thoroughly. You should also set and monitor your keyword goals so that now and then, you change the keywords to the ones that are ranking high on Google and other search engine result pages. You can use tools like Google Analytics to monitor the keyword rankings, which is not as time-consuming as doing it manually.

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