Best E-commerce Shopping Cart Integration Software 2018


An online e-commerce website is not complete without basic features and shopping cart software is one of them.

Just think you are shopping online and the website you are on doesn’t have one, where do you stock the things? If you are running an e-commerce business, you should make sure that your website is supported with an advanced shopping cart solution to make your customers shopping experience a good one.

There is a good number of shopping cart solutions available in the market and in the blog post, you will learn about the best five that you could use.

How valuable is a Shopping Cart Solution?

For a customer? Or the one running a business?

It’s invaluable for both, how?

REASON 1: It helps Making Purchase Decisions

A shopping cart can be described as a shopping space, where customers accumulate all the list of items to be purchased. But usually not every item added, customers will buy, it’s like a where they compare or review the items added and purchase the one they like.

REASON 2: Easy View of the order list

Any change a customer wants to make on a product added, the shopping cart space allows it. Let’s say a customer has accidentally selected the wrong size or color; he can easily make changes on the selected order.

REASON 3: Coupon Codes for Selected Customers

Everyone shops, but not every customer will be qualified to get a coupon code or discounts of some sort. Merchants can easily offer coupon codes to the selected customers on this platform.

REASON 4: Removing items is easy

Remove Item’, naturally, people get that liberty to buy things only when they feel necessary at the end of the moment. Like I said not all the products added to the cart will be bought, customers change their mind very often, and this option makes their decision easy.

When you visit a department store, a shopping cart is necessary. Whether you buy 2 items or 20, you should have the convenience to play with your choice. The same goes for an e-commerce website, where a shopping cart naturally gives you that privilege. A shopping cart generally,

  • Stores the product information.
  • Acts as a gateway for order, catalog, and customer management.
  • Supplies information on product, categories, and other site information to the customers.

Today you have access to multitude shopping cart solutions with numerous functionalities and your responsibility lies in picking the best one. And if you are planning to choose one for your e-commerce website, here’s the list.

Top 4 Shopping Cart Software you should be using

  1. OpenCart

OpenCart is free, open-source and can be run on any server running in PHP and MySQL.

The best part about using this shopping cart solution is you can easily customize the platform with the available modules, software, plug-ins or add-ons. And totally, there are 5,600 plug-ins out of which, 1600 are free and the rest 4,000 are paid.

Coming to the scripting architecture, it is based on popular MVC model and is compliant with XHTML.

With OpenCart you can manage an unlimited number of products, customers, their transactions, and all through a single admin interface. Reaching customers from a different geographical region is much convenient as the platform supports multiple languages and currencies.

The scope of using this shopping cart solution is you can easily choose the template you prefer and ensure flawless performance against your business contenders.

  1. AbanteCart

Another free, open-source shopping cart solution, Abantecart is designed to support small-to-medium online businesses. Easy to configure, this platform promise greater flexibility, e-commerce managers can add unlimited products, images, categories, and orders.

AbanteCart is multilingual and supports multiple tax rates and zones, which mean customers, will be promised with a convenient shopping experience.

You have the option to monitor orders through email and the discount coupon system makes it easier to manage the coupon workflow.

Reaching customers with mobile devices or tablets is much easier since this platform supports HTML5 responsive template.

  1. PrestaShop

Prestashop is one of the most efficient e-commerce shopping cart solutions for small-and-medium-sized businesses. Since the platform is built with PHP and MySQL, developers will find it comparatively less complex and easy to understand.

Improved functionality is guaranteed as the platform is available with 2000+ mobile responsive themes and 25000+ plugins. With responsive mobile themes, it will easier to drive more traffic and conversions through the mobile-friendly website.

Generally, any website would gain good viewership if it has good accessibility. Since PrestaShop is available with multi-language support, you will easily earn a good response from the customers.

  1. Vendevor

It’s truly intimidating when one has to set-up an online store. You have to make sure your online service is flawless for your customers. Not only in terms of the quality of products you are selling, but how you are selling.

You have to make sure your customers are feeling comfortable doing business on your website. Whether you have a website or Facebook page, Vendevor makes it easier to add a shopping cart. You can sell online without much work.

Upload products and be ready to sell and accept credit cards from your existing website. Suppose you don’t have a website or a Facebook page, Vendevor gives you an option to create a subdomain within its platform, from where you can start doing your online business.

The easy-to-use design options give you the liberty to personalize your e-commerce website. Also, since the platform is 256 bit SSL encryption secured you can keep the sensitive client information safe and clean.

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